Welcome to OBSIDIAN

Hello Reader!

I am blessed and humbled that out of all of the media out there in the interwebs, you have chosen to visit my site.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ciarra Milan Jones. I am a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a passion for writing, art, activism, faith, and academia. I have a lot of thoughts and I love to share them with the world.

During my time at UC Berkeley, through sheer grace and a little good luck, I began writing for the Huffington Post. This experience was life-changing and after a few relatively popular articles I became a section writer for a wonderful site called “The Tempest” (you should check them out, they are awesome).

These wonderful opportunities lead to my insatiable desire to form a space of my own. A space where I can share my thoughts and creations with agency and conviction. And, perhaps more importantly, a space where I can invite other Black visionaries and artists to do the same.

And so, OBSIDIAN was born. OBSIDIAN is where Black thought is valued as valid, revolutionary, and radical. It is where I, as the Black Queer founder, editor and creator, will intentionally center Black lives, Black art, and Black thought.

Whether we cover politics, provide social commentary, or discuss our everyday life experiences, the work showcased on OBSIDIAN will be radically honest, rooted in liberation, intentionally intersectional, and Unapologetically Black.

OBSIDIAN celebrates Blackness in all of its innumerable modalities. Whether queer, trans, undocumented, disabled, formally incarcerated, silly, embarrassing, awkward, humorous, and/or witty, your work is welcome here.

I hope you enjoy your time on this site, it is certainly my labor of love.

Happy reading and blogging.

With Radical Love,

Ciarra Milan Jones

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